Hot on the Highstreet Week 51

Superga have launched their UK website just in time for spring. This Italian shoe brand marks its 100th birthday this year. In 1911 Walter Martiny started up a factory in Turin to make comfortable shoes with vulcanized rubber soles and the Classic Superga 2750 Heritage style was born! Since 1911 the company has expanded and now a variety of Superga trainers are made, available in every colour of the rainbow.

Despite the extensive range, my preferred style is still the classic 2750. With a low cut ankle and chunky sole, the shape is designed to complement the foot – a sophisticated sneaker appropriate for the beach or the office. They definitely have a fun feel, and thanks to the variety and androgynous style are brilliant for men, women or kids.

Superga are a much needed alternative to Converse and have a more vintage look. With a strong sturdy build, they can be used for sport too, if the emergency arises. I first noticed them in a magazine featured as part of the ideal summer wardrobe and they are increasingly stocked in London shoe shops. I eventually gave in to temptation and bought a 2750 classic pair in navy blue. I haven’t taken them off since.

Adding some British charm to the campaign is our favourite fashion idol Alexa Chung. The website shows the Chung’s photoshoot with these iconic shoes, she illustrates their versatility, pairing them with floral summer dresses as well as tom-boy denim shorts and shirt. If they are good enough for Alexa they are good enough for anyone.

A pair of Superga will cost you £40. Sold on the website but also in shoe stores all over, and with the addition of half sizes it is easy to find the perfect fit.

Visit Superga website and buy here.

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