Hot on the Highstreet Week 111

My beauty essentials change with each season… in summer I choose products that nourish and protect while encouraging tanning: rich moisturising hair serums and sprays to avoid dry split hair and simple make-up that accentuates sun-kissed skin and adds a warm glow.

With new products on the market all the time, it is difficult to find the best, so I have selected a few fail-safe favourites to pack in your suitcase this summer.

HOOLA – This famous Benefit essential is a beauty bag must have. Easy to apply, ensuring all over even coverage, it lasts well, giving a deep honey brown rather than an offensive orange hue. The bronzer comes with a super cute mini brush that fits conveniently in the box, enabling easy application and storage. Buy here.

INSTITUT ESTHEDERM TAN ENHANCER – I love any product that safely helps me tan. Recently I discovered the Beesline collection in Beirut and now I’m delighted to have found the Institut Esthederm range of luxurious summer lotions that protect and enhance, helping you achieve a natural healthy tan. The tan enhancer doubles up as an aftersun and tan extender; it should be applied directly after sun exposure to repair and soothe the skin and everyday after your holiday to extend your tan. It will calm down redness and helps deepen your colour. The product also contains very subtle shimmer adding an extra glow. Another Esthederm product worth trying is the Bronz Repair, the best-selling sun care lotion for beautiful bodies. This cream protects the skin as it tans and cutaneous tissue is restructured, allowing the body to maintain its youthful appearance in the sun. I found that applying this product once every few hours while sitting in the sun prevented me from burning whilst intensifying my tan. Buy Institut Esthederm products here.

KERASTASE is my favourite for all year round haircare, and their range of sun specific products are particularly effective. This professional brand understands what your hair needs, protecting your precious tresses in harsh damaging sunlight and adding moisture and shine. Aqua Seal and Huile Celeste are both summer holiday essentials. The Aqua Seal hair oil smooths and calms unruly dry, weathered locks, and you only need a tiny drop so it lasts for ages! Huile Celeste contains a beautifully subtle shimmer perfect for glamorous sunbathing excursions…rub a little bit in your hands and evenly run your fingers through the lengths and ends of your hair… avoid roots to prevent unwanted greasiness. Finally the Kerastase Elixir oil is great for intensive recovery of dry wiry hair, making it feel and look softer and shinier immediately. Buy here.

My last product will help you achieve wavy natural summer hair and volume even in the heat of summer. The new SHU UEMURA ‘VOLUME MAKER’ is magic… a truly unique and innovative product. The invisible texturising powder lifts the hair from the root and instantly transforms the look. Better still the dust comes with an easy to use brush for easy application and it’s perfect for handbag storage. Beach ready hair in a flash. Buy here.

Now that you’ve got your beauty bag for summer sorted, you just need to book your flight to an exotic beach.