Radio Salon, Broadway Market

There is a real sense of community on Broadway Market. This buzzy street runs from London Fields to Regent’s Canal and has a host of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants to explore. Last week I went to check out the new Radio Salon, tucked in between the shopfronts glowing in the twilight with a mist of hairspray hovering in the air inside.

Radio Redchurch Street is an institution, I visited a few years ago and loved the personality of the salon and staff. Following on from this flagship salon’s success, the team has opened this smaller, quainter branch which has been redecorated and refreshed in the last few months. The trendy interior features distressed wooden floorboards, smart black leather barber seats and exposed lightbulbs – it is the look of East London.

Radio proudly use the whole Bumble & Bumble range in their innovative hairdressing. The flexible and light qualities of this brand suits their chic, catwalk-ready styles. The products are fun but reliable and I guarantee you’ll want to take a selection of coloured bottles home after your haircut – luckily Radio stocks it all so you can buy yourself a little treat on the way out.

Sipping a glass of chilled Prosecco, I sat back and let the staff liven up my hairstyle and mood. After an invigorating wash and massage, my stylist for the evening Vlad came over to suss out what to do with my tangled mop. We decided on a neat trim to remove tired split ends and a wavy blow-dry to add movement and volume. I didn’t even notice the haircut as we were so deep in conversation about the various Bumble products that would suit my hair. After various, deliciously scented serums, sprays and lotions, my hair was dried and twisted to create loose beachy kinks. Despite the summery look, my hair had infinitely more volume and the strands felt nourished and glossy.

I left with a swing in my step, even the rain, the bus strike and long journey home didn’t bother me with my new locks.

Here’s some tips from my stylist Vlad about his favourite Bumble and bumble products for my hair:

Bumble and bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

These products are designed specifically to give life to fine and limp hair making it feel fuller and thicker while smoothing flyaways.

Bb Thickening Hairspray

This is one of my favourite products from Bumble and bumble because you can play with it in so many ways. From applying it to the roots to spreading throughout the lengths it gives incredible hold, lift and body to even fine and limp hair. Once applied to the hair the hold gives you control so you can play with your hair throughout the day making it bigger or sleeker depending on your mood.

Bb Mending Complex is another favourite product of mine because it brings chemically treated (highlighted, bleached, over-processed) and damaged hair back to life. This product strengthens the hair from the medulla to the exterior and can be used as a repairing treatment every single time you blow dry your hair or dried into partially damp hair to give a moisture boost.

Bb Surf Spray – This product makes me feel like a magician as it literally recreates the texture created by nature and the ocean in your hair. I like to spritz this product into the hair from a distance after blow drying loose waves to give that natural texture and movement. You can also spray evenly on damp or dry hair and let it dry naturally for a more undone look.

And I always hear this question… Why does product make your hair greasy? Well the answer is it doesn’t, it’s our hands and the habit of touching our hair that cause grease so long as you are using the right products recommended to you by your hair stylist. Keep in mind that we are all different and have different hair types so what works for your friends will not necessarily work for you. Find what works for you and stick to it!

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Radio Salon, Shoreditch

I think I’ve found a new favourite salon. In the last few years Shoreditch has grown in popularity enormously, with quirky coffee shops, independent boutiques and hip salons opening up every week. Radio Salon has something special to offer… real personality, in both the venue and the staff.

This spacious salon is located on Redchurch Street in the midst of East London activity. With a quaint cafe opposite and numerous nearby vintage stores, it is easy to spend the whole day wandering around this area. Radio has a slick modern look with clean, elegant design and fresh minimalist decor. The salon is also an art gallery, with regular exhibitions and events and ever-changing walls of work. Radio are also the flagship Bumble and Bumble store in London. Already a massive fan of this American brand of hair products, I spent a while perusing the organised shelves and admiring all the delicious shampoos, conditioners and styling creams.

The attention to detail here is impressive, I particularly loved the helpful handbag hanger clips that are secured onto the table in front of you. Soon I was secured in my protective gown and ready for my colour appointment with Sofie. We talked briefly about my desired effect, brighter and lighter dip dye, and how best to achieve it. Sofie was frank with me and explained that the tips of my hair were quite damaged and dry colour change would be tricky, but she would do the best she could.

Sofie worked her way systematically through my hair adding creamy blonde, and honey coloured highlights alternately, paying special attention to lighten the hairline. There was no time pressure which made the whole experience very relaxed, allowing me to enjoy reading Vogue while sipping my Prosecco! After a toner, the dye was washed out and I was treated to a heavenly head massage.

Upstairs Juri was waiting to cut my hair. He liked the style I had come in with, and as I was adamant about keeping the length we decided on a tiny trim, eliminating the worst split ends and making the whole hairstyle more straight and smart. I didn’t need to worry, he knew exactly what he was doing and worked swiftly. Promising me wavy locks, he twisted my hair with Bumble and Bumble surf spray and blow dried it ‘messy’. My hair seemed to miraculously double in volume.

The best salons are in Shoreditch, and after trying Radio, I think it is definitely a contender for the top spot. They offer every hair treatment, colour, cut or style you could ever want, plus an expertise and genuine passion for hair and art.

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