Hot on the Highstreet Week 153

Mödernaked sounds Swedish, but it´s a Spanish brand
Mödernaked is not a porn site
Mödernaked is not H&M nor Zara
Mödernaked does not have a marketing department (we won´t be surprised if you never heard of us!)
Mödernaked does not have a sales department
Mödernaked thinks that people are wonderful (sometimes)
Mödernaked is not commun
Mödernaked listens to music all the time
Mödernaked dances all the time too
Mödernaked loves the little things in life
Mödernaked does not take drugs to create her designs
Mödernaked drinks 2 liters of H2O everyday
Mödernaked can be addictive
Mödernaked makes mistakes (big and small)
Mödernaked never loses the chance to go on vacation
Mödernaked loves happy endings

The statements above come direct from the Mödernaked website, an assortment of random facts that illustrate the quirky and unique character of this brand.

I discovered Mödernaked on a mini break to Seville with my mum last week, we both instantly fell for the adoring eyes of the cat rings. Sold in the ubercool Delimbo gallery-concept store, Mödernaked is just one of the tempting jewellery lines available to buy here.

A variety of animals are on offer, each handcrafted from polished brass and enamel with a varnish finish. They come in one size only but adjustable to fit any finger, making them incredibly versatile and wearable. Priced at 52 Euros, they are a lovely souvenir from our trip to Seville.

Buy your very own little cat ring here.

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