Things to do in Stockholm

I was surprised and amazed by Stockholm, a city destination which deserves more attention. As we sat on the Norwegian Airlines flight, (a short 2 hour journey) I wondered why this enchanting city is not more popular… I can only think of two reasons: the climate is not tempting enough and the country is pricey, very.

The design and fashion focus is immediately obvious, buildings are ordered and smart and shops are filled with vibrant prints and cool quirky clothes. Everything is well organised and everyone is well dressed and stylish.

Stockholm is so fashionable you would expect to see the city featured on America’s next top model, as a fashion must see. It certainly feels more current and on trend than Paris, London and even New York… it is new, hip and exciting. With top tips from the Filippa K team, we had access to a privileged bank of knowledge.

There is a lot on offer, and I felt we only scratched the surface. Everything is conveniently close by, but if you are too tired to walk the public transport system is easy to navigate and quick; it is easy to avoid the expense of taxis.

To stay

Scandic Grand Central– this hotel may look like a bland chain from the logo and exterior, but inside it is one of the most magical and unique places I have ever stayed. With quirky details in every corner and a real sense of character, the accommodation will continue to surprise you. Luxurious amenities on site make it the perfect boutiquey venue for a weekend in Stockholm.

To eat

LUX Stockholm– A Michelin starred emporium of spectacularly intricate food, with a strong focus on Swedish ingredients and ideas.
PA & Co– a seriously stylish burger can be found here, the fashionista restaurant choice. Open 5pm onwards daily and always busy.
Nobis Caina – a lovely smart but relaxed Italian eatery in the glorious Nobis Hotel.
Nytorget Urban Deli – a trendy cafe in the heart of hip SoFo, a little overpriced but supercool.
Kafe Esaias – a great new cafe to snack at and people-watch. The Croque Monsieur is insanely good for lunch, or grab a Fika (a traditional Swedish bun) and coffee to go.

To drink

Nobis Gold Bar – beautiful people and even more beautiful drinks, all in sparkling gold surroundings. Opt for a glass of champagne or an expertly mixed cocktail.

To shop

Weekday – a selection of cool clothing at reasonable prices.
Happy Socks – a psychedelic selection of brightly patterned socks!
Mood Stockholm – a seriously stylish shopping centre offering fun places to shop, eat and drink.
Acne – the innovative Swedish designer with gorgeous garments to die for.
Filippa K – the leading Scandinavian fashion brand showcasing brilliant design and genius clothing.

To see

Boat tour of Archipelago – a boat tour is a must in this unique city, in under an hour you can learn a wealth of knowledge about the unique city of Stockholm.
Photographic Museum – the biggest Photography gallery in Europe, always has a good exhibition on. We saw the evocative work of artist Sally Mann.
Moderna Museet – tucked away, this modern museum offers the very best of contemporary art with intriguing shows. Watch out for the fabulous shop… I spent a fortune!

Since returning, my photos have already provoked the attention of several friends who are now considering weekends away in Stockholm. I only hope this interest continues – I urge you to consider this magical city as an option for a weekend away… I cannot think of another European city that has so much on offer and is as stylish and sophisticated.

TMM travelled with Norwegian Airlines and stayed at Scandic Grand Central Hotel.

Thanks to follow them on twitter for news and information, @visitswedenuk


Asturias is one of Spain’s lesser known provinces, often overlooked by the regular tourist. Located in northwest Spain, it runs along the coast offering numerous sandy, secluded beaches such as Ribadesella, seen below, as well as adventure packed opportunities in its mountainous interior.

If you’re adventure orientated you can ascend the Picos de Europa mountain range, with peaks reaching as high as 8,688 ft and find great facilities for skiing, mountaineering and caving, for all ages – with activities and accommodation found here.

However, what about the weather? Good question. Its climate offers an alternative to the intense sunshine and sometimes stifling heat of southern Spain, providing long summer months of comfortable warmth and humidity, as well as variety in its winter months with occasional snow and rain.

Also due to its climate, Asturias is able to nurture large apple orchards to produce their famous local cider. This is a must try when traveling within Asturias as it is one of the region’s most famous specialities. A great place to sample the drink is Oviedo where the local waiters take great pride in decanting your cider from high above their heads into your glass which is held below their waists – and don’t worry their nonchalant manner while pouring is considered exceptional service.

Once you have sampled the tangy yet bitter-sweet cider, a relaxing way to experience traditional Asturian food is by sitting down to one of the many Menu del Dias at any town in the region. This is a three course meal that offers a variety of local food, such as Fabada, a hearty stew of red kidney beans, shoulder of pork, chorizo and black sausage, served with rustic bread, cider or local red wine.

The local food and produce can be found throughout the year, however, if summer festivals are your thing then Asturias can cater for this too. In Gijon, the annual TorosGijon bullfighting festival provides the opportunity to be immersed in one of Spain’s most famous traditions. So often glamorised on television and in Hollywood films, you very rarely find out what it’s actually like inside a bullring. The festival atmosphere is generated by people travelling from miles around for the five day spectacle. Each day six matadors battle against six bulls each weighing over half a tonne. It is definitely worth a visit for the pomp and ceremony alone, without mentioning the extravagantly dressed matadors.

Overall we found Asturias  to be a little Spanish gem that can provide a largely untrodden path for tourists, with a whole spectrum of holidays for the adventurous, family-focused or sun-seeking.

The Toros Gijon festival runs for one week in August – tickets can usually be purchased here for seats at the Plaza de Toros de Gijon.

Written by a Thoroughly Modern Man, Felix Daniel.