Hot on the Highstreet Week 152

Chocolate has never been my vice, though even I understand too well the pangs of cocoa cravings at the end of a meal. The palate naturally desires a sweet conclusion to a meal. And despite not being an obsessed fan I can appreciate the taste of good chocolate.

In Grenada last year I experienced cocoa farming first hand… Learning about the qualities of the cocoa bean, the unusual process and the miraculously final product. This sustainable and ethically sourced raw ingredient is exactly what chocolatier Amelia Rope preaches… Making a single origin collection that is “all about quality, taste, purity and indulgence.” Alongside her brilliant brand of delicious chocolate she hopes one day to build a Chocolate Education Foundation to teach everyone about the whole story of chocolate and emphasise the importance of the geographical, sociological and cultural aspects of this worldwide indulgent snack.

Amelia Rope has always been interested in food and eventually found her way into confectionary following a course at Valhrona in France at ‘Les Bonbons de Chocolat’. She was immersed completely in cocoa and has never looked back opening up her own luxurious chocolate brand in 2007.

Beautifully wrapped and perfectly packaged these chocolates look as good as they taste. Dark and light varieties are available in bars, slabs and cubes and Amelia even offers the option of personalising your own product for a particular project or special occasion. I can imagine creating an eccentrically pink variety of rose flavoured chocolate to match the Thoroughly Modern Milly website!

I was sent two appropriately pink bars to sample. Aromatic, rich and tasty you only need a mouthful to satisfy your cravings. Fragrant rose flavoured milk and dark chocolate, are girly but grown up.

Chocolate has never tasted, felt and looked so good. Focus your fixes on Amelia Rope chocolates and you’ll never look back.

Visit Amelia’s website and buy her chocolate here: