Haerlin Restaurant, Hamburg

Foodies who visit Hamburg will want to know all about Haerlin, one of three restaurants in the city to hold the prestigious 2 Michelin star status. This refined eatery is discreetly located in the luxurious Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, a traditional but sophisticated dining room.


Haerlin is named after the family who owned the hotel from 1897 to 1989, before it became part of the Fairmont Group. Christoph Rüffer has been the chef here since 2002, he uses only the finest ingredients to produce exceptional plates of food, and has won a handful of accolades and awards for his work here.

After a drink in the beautiful hotel bar we were escorted to our table for a special dinner designed by Christoph. The waiters took care of everything and we were left to just enjoy every moment of the meal. Keen to also showcase the wine list the sommelier treated us to a short wine pairing and non-alcoholic drink pairing for my sister. It was incredibly thoughtful, especially the non-alcoholic suggestions, an offering I have never experienced in a fine dining restaurant before.


Just before each plate arrived a small card was placed in front of us, with all of the details about the upcoming course. Burrata with coriander was a joy to bite into, Carrots with Fennel pollen stock & Sorrel was a miniature work of art.


Tomato Salad with Oregano sounded simple, a homage to the humble tomato, but it was an explosion of different sweet and acidic tastes. The kitchen team source all their tomatoes from the best local producer, picking a range of unusual varieties like the unique ‘Dancing with Smurfs’ dark purple tomatoes. It was light and fresh, a reminder of the dwindling warm weather.


Next we enjoyed a beautiful piece of Schonmoorer free-range Chicken with Porcini Mushroom & Albufera jus. The perfectly cooked chicken was paired with woody mushrooms and a rich and luscious sauce.

For the main course Haunch of Venison from the Segeberger Forest with Pineapplecherrys & Juniper. It was a regal and dramatic dish, velvety meat with a bitter fruity kick from the juniper.


The dessert was a showstopper, a incredible ruby red pudding on a lovely turquoise plate. The “Atlander” Cherries with Elderflowers & “Eppendorfer Summer Dew” was an immaculate construction, every element used a different method of cooking, and worked brilliantly together.

Our dinner at Haerlin was an exciting culinary extravaganza from start to finish. Every course was delicious but it was the attention to detail and extra little bites in between courses which made the meal so memorable.

More information and book a table at Haerlin here.

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