108 Garage, Golborne Road

108 Garage has been one of the most talked about restaurants for the last few months. The eatery is found on the outskirts of Portobello on Golborne Road, and is owned by Luca Longobardi and the kitchen is run by chef Chris Denney. The restaurant is housed in a converted garage and the decor is dark, moody and masculine.

108 Garage108 Garage108 Garage

The service is quirky and fun, our waitress seemed genuinely enthused by the food she was serving. Before we got started on the set lunch menu we were treated to strong cocktails, bread (108 Sourdough) & creamy dips (chicken liver parfait, tarama). Next came a dry ice leaf that, although exciting, didn’t have much flavour and burnt my tongue.

108 Garage

The first course was served on a beautiful pale green plate – stracciatella with raw capes, secreto, shallots and beer. It was an unusual combination of flavours which worked miraculously well, the creamy cheese contrasting with the crunch and tanginess from the shallots.

108 Garage108 Garage

The Lamb heart agnolotti, runner bean, mustard dashi was a delicate and delicious dish. Two dainty filled homemade pasta parcels enveloped by a rich and salty broth, which thanks to the dashi reminded me of the magical meals I had in Japan.
For main course we were treated to Roe deer with cured pig cheek, damson, celeriac. It was a striking dish on a black ceramic plate. The deer was cooked to perfection, the velvety meat paired with rich cured pork and sweet damson. It felt like a very special plate of food to be enjoying mid-week at lunchtime!

108 Garage

Chocolate crémeux with artichoke ice cream and wild rice was light and refreshing at the end of our indulgent meal. The chocolate, though rich in flavour, had a airiness about it and matched well with the earthy artichoke ice-cream. Sprinkles of puffed crunchy rice gave a little textural excitement to each mouthful.

108 Garage is easily the most creative restaurant I have tried recently in West London. The dishes are delicious and unexpected… it makes for an exciting and memorable meal.

More information and book a table at 108 Garage here.

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