Honest Tea x Groundwork

Last week, on a very sunny Thursday morning I joined a group of tea enthusiasts on the picturesque Southbank for a celebration of all things honest and healthy with Honest Tea.

Honest Tea

Honest Tea was launched in 1998 by Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff in Bethesda, MD. The company was born from a desire to create a thirst-quenching drink that was refreshing without being too sweet. Both Seth and Barry believed there was an opportunity to create a less saccarine, but equally flavourful beverage, with no calories and no nasty additives. Honest has been run for the last 9 years with a strong ethos based around helping communities and being a responsible business which is why they decided to team up with Groundwork.

Honest Tea

At the entrance to the ‘Honest Garden’ pop-up we were greeted with bottles of refreshing Honest Tea. We then joined TV presenter Julia Bradbury in a boutique tent for a informative and inspiring chat about Honest Tea’s partnership with the environmental charity Groundwork. Julia revealed that new research shows how the nation wants to go back to the good life, and spend more time in nature. Groundwork are working tirelessly to transform urban spaces into community gardens, including building and nurturing vegetable gardens in London Overground stations.

To continue the healthy theme YouTuber John Quilter (The Food Busker) demonstrated the importance of using organic ingredients in your home cooking and showed us all how to make delicious homemade granola with Coffee Flour and Medjool Dates, amongst other ingredients.

Honest Tea

Lastly we were treated to a brilliant display from upcycler and eco artist Sarah Turner who craftily illustrated how to make small planters by upcycling Honest Tea plastic bottles. Sarah expertly made these inventive little pot plants so quickly it tempted me to turn every plastic bottle into plant perfection.

Honest Tea

This calm and pretty pop-up gave me the opportunity to take time out from my hectic schedule and indulge in Honest Tea’s beautiful green sanctuary of delicious food and drink. I’m excited about the Honest Tea and Groundwork future plans, hopefully we’ll all be noticing more greenery and life at our London train stations soon.

More information about Honest Tea and their projects here.

Sponsored post in collaboration with Honest Tea.

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