Michaelmas Goose Dinner at The Goring, Victoria

The Goring is one of London’s most prestigious and regal hotels with a long and impressive history. The moment you step inside there is a feeling of British excellence and cosy luxuriousness and the staff make sure every visitor feels special. So when an invite to their annual Michaelmas dinner arrived in my inbox I cleared my diary immediately for the occasion.

Michaelmas Goose at The Goring

En route to The Goring, with my best black-tie outfit on, I did some quick research on Google, ‘What is Michaelmas?’ In short, Michaelmas is the feast of St Michael and the angels, a Christian festival celebrated on the 29th September each year. Just like the link between Christmas and the turkey, Michaelmas was always associated with goose. Sadly it is an often forgotten holiday now, unlike the American equivalent, Thanksgiving, but the Goring choose to commemorate this holiday every year with a grand meal for a few lucky attendees.

Michaelmas Goose at The Goring

The meal for twelve was served in the newly redecorated Drawing Room, a magical dining room with beautiful hand-sewn Fromenthal wallpaper designed by Russell Sage. With a glass of champagne in hand we toasted the day of Michaelmas and awaiting Michelin-starred chef Shay Cooper’s goose-inspired six course menu.

Michaelmas Goose at The Goring

The menu for the evening was as follows:

Fermented rye soup, pearl barley, goose sausage

Pressed goose terrine, truffled goose cracker, Waldorf salad

Button mushroom risotto, cured goose liver, spiced duck crumbs

Roast Coleman’s goose breast, glazed faggot, salt baked turnip, maple

Beauvale cheese, Eccles cake

Blueberry and natural yoghurt parfait, Hibiscus tea

Michaelmas Goose at The GoringMichaelmas Goose at The GoringMichaelmas Goose at The Goring

Each course was immaculately presented, carefully constructed and full of wonderfully balanced flavours and textures. The rye soup was light but creamy with a delightfully contrasting crispy topping. The terrine was decadent, with fresh slices of tart Granny Smith apple cutting through the rich taste. I loved the inventive button mushroom risotto, a light alternative to rice with an intense earthy flavour.

Michaelmas Goose at The Goring

The main event was a beautiful piece of goose breast, with a variety of vegetables. The confit goose leg was my favourite part of the dish, highly flavoured and seasoned to perfection. Goose is a hard bird to cook, and in parts it was a little tough, but the flavour more than compensated. To match each of the courses the Goring Sommelier had chosen a complementing wine, with the main course we enjoyed a glass of the rich and elegant Chateau d’Armailhac, Paulillac 5eme Cru Classe 2004.

Michaelmas Goose at The GoringMichaelmas Goose at The Goring

Before dessert we tried a delicious piece of Beauvale cheese which was paired with sweet Eccles cake. Then it was time for dessert, a light and tangy mousse with a hint of fragrant hibiscus tea, it was an absolute triumph.

Michaelmas Goose at The Goring

In case we weren’t full enough, a platter of delicate petit fours arrived to accompany the tea and coffee. I tottered home on my heels feeling like I’d just left a fairytale feast, whatever the occasion The Goring makes every visit memorable with the fine service, high quality offerings and Best of British atmosphere.

More information about The Dining Room at The Goring Hotel here.

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