Notch Rooftop Brunch, Marble Arch

In the warmer months I often get asked, ‘where is the best rooftop bar in London?’ As a Peckham resident, Franks is my go to venue, but many Londoners want something more central to satisfy their summer drinking needs. Notch is located at the top of Marriott Park Lane hotel, next door to Marble Arch tube station, though the entrance is less glamorous than you might imagine.

notch brunch

With swings, salvaged vintage tables and canned cocktails, Notch has already become an Instagram addicts haven. I visited to try the brunch favourites: Nikkei inspired food by chef Mark Morrans and strong cocktails.

notch brunchNotch brunch

I tried the #CannedClassics Adonis (Cinzano Rosso, sherry and bitters) priced £8 a can. It is a fun concept that just needs a glass of ice and slice of lemon to add a refreshing twist to the drink. The homemade nachos were topped with avocado, red onion, bacon, spicy salsa and a gooey poached egg… an exciting and unusual brunch dish.

notch brunch

#NotchLDN is open 7 days a week from 10am until 10pm, come rain or shine. No reservations.

More information on Notch here.

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