Bone Daddies Shackfuyu, Soho

Bone Daddies made a relatively quiet entrance onto the Soho restaurant scene a few years ago. Since opening the ramen bar has gradually grown in popularity, serving up steaming bowls of goodness and satisfying sticky meaty treats. I found the food very salty, but cannot fault the concept.

It seems the trend for this oriental cuisine continues to soar… Shackfuyu is the recent pop-up from the Bone Daddies team, and London’s top foodies are falling over each other to taste the Japanese fusion food.

The space is big and allows for a dinky bar downstairs where hungry guests wait patiently for a free table. While we were down there, we took the opportunity to trial a few of the pre-bottled cocktails. This pre-mixed method usually perturbs me, but the concoctions at Shackfuyu are good enough to withstand a bit of fridge time, and are served in stylish little glass milk bottles. I loved the ‘Orenji What?!’ a whisky based drink with triple sec and orange misu, a slightly sweeter version of an Old Fashioned. We also tried the zestier ‘Ringo Starr’ a mix of gin, sake and apple juice.

Eventually we were seated upstairs, at this point we were ready to devour the entire menu. There is a tempting selection of small snacky plates so you can order a selection, share your way slowly through the feast. Aubergine with miso and babu arare is a sticky sweet delight and Prawn toast a delicate treat. The highlight for us was the Korean fried wings, coated in layers of treacle textured sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds – they are a messy dish, but once you’ve delved in you’ll barely want to come up for air. I enjoyed the theatre of the hot stone rice with goma tare, chilli and beef, delivered to the table with a raw egg on top, it is stirred rapidly and sizzles with excitement. The rice tends to stick to the side of the dish but this makes the dish crunchy and even yummier.

Sadly we didn’t have space for the solo dessert on the menu (kinaki French toast) but I will definitely be returning to try it soon. I’ve heard it is not to be missed.

Shackfuyu sounds rather rude when you say it aloud but with food this tasty, who cares? Settle down in one of the comfortable booths, order generously and enjoy.

More information and see the menu of Shackfuyu here:

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