Margarete, Frankfurt

Margarete is a marvellously modern dining room. The sign stands out in the street, a minimalist font standing out against the facades of old fashioned boutiques. Named after the owner, Margarete Schutte-Lihotky, a Viennese architect, the venue exudes charm and character.

The kitchen is centrally placed in the room which creates an exciting atmosphere. Guests collect around communal rustic wooden tables decorated with sprigs of flowers and clipboards menus. The clientele seems to be mostly hipsters and young trendy families, all chatting animatedly or browsing the internet on their MacBooks.

There is seating indoors and out depending on your preference. Inside a floor to ceiling bookcase holds intriguing titles around the subjects of food and art. The menu features modernised German recipes and ingredients like local sourmilk cheese and Krakauer sausage. Caesar salad is presented in a big bowl; crunchy lettuce coated in creamy herby dressing with nicely grilled slices of chicken, croutons and generous shavings of Parmesan. It was a fresh and creative take on the popular salad. I also loved the nutty farmer’s bread, dense and delicious, especially when dunked in the accompanying dip. To drink we tried the daily special, rhubarb fizz, a homemade pink delight that I would happily consume with lunch everyday!

Magarete is a lovely restaurant, ideal for a lazy Sunday brunch and popular with the bohemian locals. I loved everything about it.

More information on the restaurant here.

Many thanks to the Frankfurt Tourist board for their help with this trip, more information here.

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