Namaaste Kitchen, Camden

Namaaste Kitchen is a modern Indian grill and bar in Camden, the younger sibling of renowned Salaam Namaste, the ‘Bloomsbury favourite.’ This Camden eatery deserves recognition… offering a vibrant atmosphere and a comfortable environment for guests to enjoy the best of Indian cuisine.

A few minutes walk from Camden Town Station and near to all the famous rock and jazz venues, this restaurant is ideal for a pre or post show dinner. The lunch offers are also worth checking out, the buffet lunch is very reasonably priced and you certainly won’t leave hungry.

Our waiter was attending to several tables but was by our side whenever assistance was needed. He first brought along a chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio, essential sipping to kick off the gossiping. This mild, refreshing choice was perfect too, to cool the palate after the spicy Indian delicacies.

The selection of starters stunned our taste buds, wowing with the intense marinades and vibrant flavours. Portobello mushrooms stuffed with figs, cashew nuts, raisins, green chilli and homemade cheese with a curry leaf should not be missed. I don’t normally like mushrooms but cannot deny that these little mouthfuls are really, really good: the perfect combination of sweet and salty topped with melted cheese and flavoured carefully with aromatic Indian spices. The other starter I remember fondly is the Peshawari Lamb Chops marinated in raw papaya, herbs and spices before being grilled. We devoured this dish within minutes; the crunchy coating on the tender meat was addictive.

For mains it was lovely to have some of the main course dishes and a pick from the grill section of the menu. The Murgh Makhanwala is a favourite with Namaaste visitors and I can see why. Escalopes of chicken breast are grilled then simmered in a creamy butter and tomato sauce, with ginger and crushed fenugreek. It has little fire so is suitable for Indian food-lovers who can’t take the heat. Tandoori Rubiyan Duck with roasted tiger prawn and a tangy fresh salad was a contrasting dish that felt healthy and summery.

Roast pineapple with unbelievably good homemade coconut ice cream was served for dessert, along with our fresh mint tea. Simple but soothing.

Take advantage of special offers at Namaaste Kitchen, especially the ‘taste card’ half price deal which is available on selected days when you book in advance.

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