Sherry Netherland Hotel, New York

We were completely awestruck when we arrived at the door of the Sherry Netherland Hotel. This iconic five-star establishment is on the corner of Central Park, in the middle of Manhattan’s most prestigious district. The 38-storey apartment hotel was designed and built by Schultze & Weaver with Buchman & Kahn and is a landmark in the neighbourhood. Since its grand opening in 1927 the Sherry Netherland has established itself as a place of refined taste and style and is now known as one of New York’s top boutique hotels. Sophisticated and yet relaxed – so we felt completely at home in this indulgent palace.

Travelling up in the vintage lift to the upper floors we took in every little detail of the glorious building. When the door swung open our jaws dropped: the suite was a fairytale room of beauty, elegance and ultimate luxury. The room sparkled with perfection, it looked too pretty to touch and use.

We ran excitedly to the huge windows which shed dappled light over the room, and here we spied our first glimpse of the breathtaking park and city views.  Staring out from this vantage point I felt like a film star. I couldn’t resist a quick Skype call back to England to boast while giving a virtual tour of our suite… we were like proud new house owners. The decor is beautiful at Sherry Netherland, our room was a quaint mix of pale blue and cream with fresh vases of flowers everywhere.

Suddenly exploring the city seemed like the less interesting option, instead we spent the afternoon enjoying our room. Our city view eyrie was complete with every luxury imaginable: king size bed with the fluffiest and softest duvet, marble bathroom, drinks stocked in our mini kitchenette, wireless high speed internet, and Godiva chocolates, mature cheese, grapes and crackers for nibbling on when we got peckish.

Our bathroom was so stunning we both made sure we made use of it as much as possible… needless to say we left very clean! A dish offered a selection of toiletries, providing every product you could ever need, including the often forgotten toothpaste and razor: Gilchrist & Soames products available in abundance.

I noticed the huge assortment of extra services and amenities on offer at the Sherry Netherland: fitness centre, shoeshine service, in-room massage therapy, barbershop, hair salon and white-gloved elevator attendants are just a few of the extra additions that make this hotel so special.

We were living in the lap of luxury for one night, and spent the rest of our New York trip reminiscing, desperately wishing we could return to the Sherry Netherland.

Rooms start at $499 per night.

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