IKEA PS Collection

IKEA has launched its 7th IKEA PS Collection, which consists of 46 new products that offer cutting edge Scandinavian design, all created by just 19 designers. IKEA strongly believe quality design should be affordable for everybody and this is what IKEA PS stands for.

The theme of this year’s collection surrounds revisiting the past to revive products for the future. Each item has been carefully crafted using inspiration from the past 60 years of IKEA design. The designers were tasked with drawing inspiration from past collections and challenged to modernise products by updating their form and function.

The IKEA PS side table (above) is inspired by flower stands that were popular years ago, but are designed for all of us who can’t make up our minds. That’s why the side tables come in three different versions, with three different table tops – all with a bamboo frame. You can choose whether you want a table with a flat surface, with a big fruit bowl or with a bamboo frame.

The IKEA PS 2012 Easy Chair (also above)  is inspired by the IKEA classic from the 50s that designer Wiebke Braasch has updated. The design has been refined to a modern, scaled down version – the old upholstery and other material has disappeared, with the original metal frame remaining. Now the easy chair can be used both inside and out and is much easier to recycle.

If only this range had been around while I was at University, I would have been a much more stylish student house!

See the range online here.



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