Cocktails at the Lobby Bar, One Aldwych

I would love to be a cocktail connoisseur; after the exquisite concoctions I tasted at One Aldwych’s Lobby bar I think I will move mixology classes up a few spaces on my to do list.

The hotel itself at One Aldwych is awe inspiring: grand, classy and luxurious… it is the ideal place to sip the night away. We were there on a Friday night, the Lobby Bar was buzzing and as we tucked into our drinks, I couldn’t think of a better, more civilised way to spend a Friday evening.

They serve grown up cocktails here, wonderfully artistic drinks that are inventive and delicious. Head Bartender Walter Pintus is a genius behind the bar, mixing up alternative ingredients to create mysterious but magical drinks, appealing to every palate.

After copious amounts of plump green olives and peppered cashews had sufficiently lined our stomaches we received round one of cocktails.

Plum Martini – Bombay Sapphire gin blended with fresh plums, sweetened with a touch of elderflower cordial.

True Unique – Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee whiskey stirred with fresh apple, ginger and juniper berries and flambeed with Taylor.

These straight up drinks were strong and stern, not for the faint hearted. The True Unique was warm and sensuous with an impressive ball of ice cooling the tumbler and a corkscrew curl of orange peel beautifying the rim. The Plum Martini was more girly, a gorgeous fuchsia hue, with delicately sliced plum fanned across the side, adorning the fruity drink. The flavours were refined and comforting and immediately I felt relaxed.

Before round two we indulged in a little food, bar plates at One Aldwych are a must. Wooden boards were presented: Goujons of pollock with hand cut chips and tartare sauce and Lamb kebabs with pickled chillies, chilli sauce and mint yoghurt. Not what I would describe as ‘Bar Food’, more of a warm feast fit for a king. And thank goodness the food was substantial as there were many more cocktails to come…

One Spritzer – Raspberries and home-made rhubarb syrup blended with aromatic Bitters and topped up with Champagne. Served long and very cold.

Purity – Purity grapefruit infusion shaken with elderflower, orange and ginger liqueur. Served cold in a martini glass.

The next two cocktails we tried are apparently ‘favourites’ amongst regulars, and when they arrived I could see why. Huge drama is involved with the One Spritzer, just my kind of drink. Arriving in a bubbling, smoking conical beaker, the bright pink liquid is poured carefully into a mini glass, it is intensely flavoured with a bitter aftertaste. Purity looked curious in a martini glass, crystal clear and subtler in taste than the previous drinks. The combination of tart grapefruit, pungent ginger, sweet syrupy elderflower and acidic orange mixes divinely to create a very drinkable and enjoyable cocktail.

To finish off the evening, we couldn’t resist trying the sweetest, creamiest cocktails on the menu for our third and final drink.

Strawberry Delight – Fresh strawberries, strawberry vodka, Creme de Framboise liqueur, Mozart Gold chocolate liqueur and fresh cream.

Sweet Temptation – Sloane’s gin shaken with lemon sorbet, pistachio liqueur and almond oil. Served in a martini glass.

I was in my element with the fabulous dessert cocktails. Delightfully decorated glasses arrived, almost too pretty to drink (see above). The Strawberry Delight was super sweet, a heavenly mix of creamy and fruity components, a little too rich for me though. The Sweet Temptation was arguably the best drink of the night, the martini glass rim was coated in what tasted like desiccated coconut, the pale green drink, a wonderfully unique alcohol-fuelled pistachio dream.

We received exemplary service all night, the dear waiter stopped by every couple of minutes to check our every wish had been granted. I could have sat (or lay) at the Lobby Bar all night, trying every characterful cocktail on the menu. At One Aldwych you will find a beautiful bar, beautiful booze and beautiful beings.

Visit the One Aldwych website here.

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