Maggie’s Nightclub, Fulham Road

It seems fitting that while the Iron Lady is hitting the big screen (and as Meryl Streep put it “trampling all over our country’s history”), I should visit Maggie’s, the eccentric 80s nightclub that honours our iconic Prime-Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The nightclub, based at 329 Fulham Road, started up a few years ago and has fast achieved a dedicated fanbase and list of members who regularly visit this quirky club to dance, drink and join in their adoration of Maggie.

I got together three of my best gal pals to check out this psychedelic establishment. We went along on a Thursday night when the club is showcased in its full glory. A load of Maggie devotees had just arrived after a nearby screening of The Iron Lady and a programme of acts were strutting their stuff on stage. We watched a glamorous stripping Maggie lookalike (dressed in Union Jack sequin underwear) which certainly made my jaw drop, and a George Michael impersonator, singing and dancing with an infectious energy. I also loved the saxophonist who wandered round the club joining in with the main riffs in the songs.

Luckily our feeble attempts to dress up as 80s divas didn’t go unnoticed, I was just pleased not to feel totally out of place as I did on the tube! The drinks we tried were delicious… girly but inventive cocktails. In particular I loved the Maggie’s Ice Tea, served in a Maggie caricature mug – a summery mix of tastes: Malibu, Midori and banana liqueurs, mixed with Bacardi Rum and pineapple juice, topped with lemonade. It is an explosion of flavours, sweet, fizzy and tropical. I also tried the Purple Rain cocktail, a drink I was attracted to because of the Prince inspired name. It is an interesting, fruity concoction made with Bombay Sapphire Gin, Elderflower, blackberries, apple and lime and topped with Prosecco. This is a more mature cocktail, a mellow almost bitter drink that is wonderfully refreshing in between dance sets.

The toilets are worth a quick visit, even just to look around. Aside the funky design, disco mirrored walls and Union Jack loos, the matriarch’s voice comes pointedly over the tannoy, a speech that makes going to the loo a rather hilarious experience.

I can’t bear the standard London clubs, overpriced and pretentious, they encourage gross men and underage girls. Maggie’s is an entirely different experience – a fun, exciting and seriously funny club with great décor, witty entertainment and yummy drinks. I guarantee Maggie’s provides a memorable night out and a curious reminder of a lady who, for better or worse, shaped our country’s history.

Visit the website for more information here.

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