Hot on the Highstreet Week 86

I like the sound of Closet Swap, a new Facebook and iPhone app from Channel 4 Education that encourages people to stop shopping and, instead, start swapping. It is a perfect solution for those wanting a wardrobe makeover this New Year, and is an ecological and cheap way to update your outfits for the coming months.

With Closet Swap you and your friends can exchange clothes easily and conveniently. After signing in with your Facebook ID you create your own virtual closet. Users upload pictures to and tag existing Facebook photos – using #closetswap – to build an online wardrobe that they can share, and apparently even go on to customise. You can then extend your fashion search by sending out a Fashion SOS alert from your iPhone or ipod to your Facebook wall to ask if anyone they know has that perfect dress or essential accessory you need, then when the time comes hopefully you can return the favour. To reward the goodwill, users are awarded kudos and higher rankings on leader boards the more they swap.

Also on Closet Swap you can:

  • Discover local markets, vintage stores and pre-loved clothing stores
  • Organise fashion parties
  • Read up on information about sustainable fashion
I love going to the Notting Hill Retro shops to sell and exchange my unwanted clothes, so I can tell I’m going to adore Closet Swap.

Sign up and get swapping here.

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