Eleven, Hair Salon, Mayfair

I have to admit I am getting a little addicted to salon blow-dries: I leave each time with a noticeable skip in my step, imagining that I’m in a l’Oreal advert. Tragic, I know. Last week I took my dull, lank post-Christmas hair along to Eleven, hungry for a boost.

Eleven is a smart boutique salon in Mayfair, moments from Bond Street station. In fact, located, as the name suggests, at number 11 Blenheim Street. The four founders are experts in different aspects of hairdressing, excelling at colouring, cutting, extensions and special styling. Inside the salon is warm and friendly, clients and staff chatting excitedly… I was sitting next to an eccentric jazz singer who was explaining her elaborate New Year celebrations.

My lovely stylist for the day, Rebecca, surveyed my hair, running her fingers through professionally to gauge what it needed. I was given the most luxurious hair wash, with a glossy treatment to strengthen and add shine. The head massage was amazing, the lovely girl spent fifteen minutes pampering me, taking real care and making me feel extra special and relaxed, I could have fallen asleep.

Rebecca then carefully dried my hair, so thoroughly that it appeared a paler shade. Adding soft curls with tongs made the overall style lighter and prettier, I was delighted. Finally she spritzed me with hairspray so that the waves would hold for a few days and I was done.

Eleven Hair is a gorgeous salon in the heart of London, with approachable, smiley stylists on hand to help you achieve perfect hair.
Visit the Eleven website here to book.

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