Blink Bar, Selfridges

Nowadays, most women ‘in the know’ will have cottoned on to the brilliant beauty technique that is threading, a painful but effective way of removing unwanted hair. It is used most for tidying up eyebrows and upper lips. And Blink is THE place to go for perfect threading results.

It is amazing to watch: highly skilled women hold thin laces of cotton between their mouths and hands carefully extracting hairs to create a perfect shape. It is much more effective than waxing as it is easier to remove shorter hairs, giving a cleaner job, and also pulls the hair deeper, so the hairs don’t grow back as fast.

My mum was there at the start of this new fad, years ago, pampering her eyebrows with threading in a posh beauty place in Paddington, back when this was a little heard of and specialist treatment. More recently she has reverted to Blink, swearing by their experienced beauticians, and unbeatable results.

Blink has brought the technique to the masses with its brilliant brow bars that are now located in most of the big London department stores…as well as across the country. A convenient and quick way for women to quickly have their eyebrows tidied up in between shopping. Since trying the technique a few years ago I will never ever go back to waxing or plucking.

The Blink beauticians are very experienced and kind, aware that the threading can be painful on sensitive skin. In Selfridges recently I received the best eyebrow thread yet. A lovely girl called Hetal was my beautician. It was less painful than usual and the final look better than ever. My favourite thing about the Blink brow treatments is the relaxing mini massage they give at the end of the threading, maybe I’m just so relieved the painful bit is over!

Blink also provides a range of nutritious and glamorous eyebrow and lash products that help you maintain and perfect your brows on a day to day basis. I have tried the useful gel which keeps your eyebrows looking smart and in place, and the Blink pencils which come in lovely rich colours to give eyebrows a glossy and full look. The luscious lash oil is my favourite, because I wear fake eyelashes obsessively, this gentle oil adds moisture and shine while also strengthening.

£17 and 15 minutes is all it takes to achieve the best brows you have ever had. Get your brows beautified by Blink, it is so worth it. Visit website here.

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