Woojung Chun, ‘Library’, England & Co Gallery

Library is a collection of thoughts, dreams and memories… every piece delicately devised to evoke a miniature world, displayed in custom made wooden armoires.

Woojung Chun is an exceedingly talented young Korean artist currently living and working in the UK. Meeting her at the private view of her first exhibition at England &Co;, she seemed sincere and modest, and genuinely engrossed by the world she had created.

The usually bright white gallery space has been transformed to exhibit her otherworldly pieces and the experience is mesmerising. Thick black curtains drape the walls; it is hard to see so viewers must visit each piece closely to identify what it is all about, and to examine the excruciating detail of Chun’s artwork.

My favourite piece is the beautiful yet creepy moving hands video which immediately reminded me of the living paintings and newspaper images in Harry Potter. This is the first time Chun’s video piece has been installed, and I was so seduced I wanted to take it home with me. A projector shines light down onto circles of black paper stuck at angles on pins, the same pair of hands is seen in each circle slowing moving and flexing, it is an enchanting idea, with seemingly complex logistics but Chun pulls it off brilliantly.

Chun has previously exhibited in both the Venice and Cairo Biennales and some of these works originated in these events prior to this show, however it is the collection as a whole, a magical Library of secrets and discoveries, that works so well and makes such an impression on the viewer.

Exhibition continues until 23 November, visit website here.

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