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The surviving street markets of London can be found in picturesque corners of the city, specialising in all manner of goods, from food to vintage clothing. Some are open all week, others only for a few mornings, or at the weekend.

Portobello is fighting for its life, commercial chains are moving in, ruining the magic of a truly unique and much loved street market. I love this area of London and enjoy pottering amongst the junk and jewels on a Friday or Saturday morning, stopping briefly to grab a coffee and croissant from a quaint Notting Hill cafe.

I visit Borough Market less regularly, for the sole reason that it exists on the opposite side of London to me. But when I do, I revel in the delicious smells and colours of the produce and love to watch the people that mingle there. For coffee and breakfast Monmouth is charming, although sometimes has a large queue outside. Grab your drink and take a seat at one of the large wooden tables.

To eat, if you fancy more than a fresh cup of soup, to drink on the go, I have heard Roast is worth a try. A wholesome restaurant dedicated to offering up classic British cooking using the finest seasonal produce, it overlooks the hustle and bustle of the marketplace below.

Borough market is great for those unusual ingredients you may not be able to find elsewhere, and all of the best quality. So worth a trip if you want something a little bit different for a dinner party or special meal. I can also strongly recommend the beautiful flower stall/shop ‘Chez Michele’ that has ready made stunning bouquets, one of which I couldn’t resist buying for my grandparents. I was tempted in fact to buy a bunch for myself too, but decided that was perhaps a little over-indulgent.

If you can, go to Borough market during the week, it is less busy and easier to get a good look at everything.

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