Just a brief message this time dear reader. Last night I had a delicious curry. Nothing remarkable in that, I hear you cry. Except as I struggled into the pop-up location out of the Baltic winds, I was greeted with a Pimms. “But Jamie”, I hear you cry, “that’s crazy talk, summer is but a distant memory, as we shiver here in the despairing depths of winter”.

Well that’s where you’re wrong. Like curry, but hate beer? Sounds like you’ve been stuck in the past over what to drink with your jalfrezi. And far from using your drink as a shield against your food, “taking the edge off the heat” or “calming your mouth down”, the blend of fruits and herbs that makes our national fruity indulgence unique marries perfectly with beautiful complex curry spicing.

Don’t believe me? Well you can go and see for yourself, because this Saturday they’re giving away cans of Pimms and serving Indian-spiced snacks to see if you agree with me and the good people at Pimms that it really is Pukka. #PukkaPimms is located for today only at the top of the Brick Lane “Curry Curve”, 133 Bethnal Green Road, and I would urge you to get down from 12pm to 6pm and turn make an Indian summer of this horrible winter.

Written by a Thoroughly Modern Man, James Bomford.