A takeaway can be the perfect ending to a busy day, or a lazy one. Even the most dedicated chef has a drawer full of takeaway menus in case of emergency. If you’d like to free up such a drawer for something else, why not go digital with your takeaway ordering.

JUST EAT is an online service that allows you to order from a vast range of different restaurants in your area. It provides every type of fast food delivery from Thai restaurants to Mexican, Chinese, Indian, pizza and more.

Using JUST EAT is straightforward. Create an account on the website or download the app, which is available for Android phones on Google Play or iOS devices on the App Store. Once you’ve logged in, you can search for restaurants in your area, either by specifying the type of food you want or simply by looking for what’s nearby. Selecting a restaurant brings up a menu which lets you order online. Payment by debit or credit card is simple. You can specify a delivery time for your order or ask for it as soon as possible! For instance, you could order via the app while on the train home from work and have your meal arrive just as you get in.

Using JUST EAT for the first time is simple enough, but its features make repeat use even easier. For example, recent orders you’ve made are saved, meaning that should you want the same thing again, or something slightly different, you can start with the previous order and not have to click your way through the full menu. The site also securely stores payment information, so you don’t have to dig out your card every time you want to make an order.

Having moved into my own flat only a few months ago, I am still getting into the swing of home-cooking, takeaways are a rare luxury but… on a rainy and cold Friday afternoon on the bus home from work the idea of a takeaway cheered me up. I logged on to the JUST EAT app on my iPhone and quickly ordered from a new Thai restaurant, Kanna, located in Hammersmith. Ten minutes later I was sitting at home, with the heater on, a glass of wine in hand, and an exotic smelling Thai meal on the table. Absolute heaven.

Kanna offers authentic Thai food and a menu full of variety. We chose a selection of classics: green and red curries, chicken satay accompanied by egg-fried and coconut rice. Costing £25 in total it was the ideal amount of food for a generous meal for two. I was pleased to find the sauces not too spicy and the chicken perfectly tender.

JUST EAT offers a genius solution to eating in, with zero hassle and minimal effort. I can imagine quite easily getting addicted to this stress-free tasty online service. With so much variety, the only difficult part is deciding on what cuisine you want – having done that, lay the table and JUST EAT.

Go on, put the saucepan back in the cupboard and treat yourself, order here now.


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Hot on the Highstreet Week 157

Instantgram is a personalised printing service that turns your Instagram images into pretty little magnets. Pictures are uploaded online and the cute magnets are delivered straight to the door. Each Instantgram Magnet is 5cm x 5cm / 1.97in X 1.97in and magnets come in sets of 9 for just $17 (£11 approx).Log on to http://instantgram.me/en/magnets to access your Instagram library of photos.

I initially had some problems with the Instantgram website which had trouble reloading my Instagram account images, but eventually my large album of brightly coloured pictures arrived on the computer to choose from. By far the most difficult part of the process is trying to restrict yourself to just 9. I spent hours scrolling through screen-after-screen of images and managed to get down to shortlist of my top 12, finally whittling it down to my final 9. Click through an easy checkout system, fill out your address, and you are done.

With so many of our memories on a screen or hard-drive, Instantgram is a lovely way to make your memories materialise. Instagram is by far the most popular of all the social media image platforms, so I’m sure kids and adults alike will jump at this chance to make their beloved Instagram edits more permanent.

The magnets arrived promptly within a week, despite travelling all the way from Turkey. They are a bit flimsy and homemade looking but for just $17 for 9 these Instantgram magnets are the perfect momento to keep on your fridge.

Buy here: http://instantgram.me/en/magnets

Hot on the Highstreet Week 155

JuJu jellies can proudly call themselves the creators of the original British Jelly Shoe. They have been manufacturing iconic shoes and children’s wellington boots for over 25 years. Juju started life in 1986 as injection moulders to the shoe trade in the UK. A family run business founded by Rushton Schafer (Ruston Ablett Ltd) and based in Northampton “the shoe capital of Britain”, they pioneered the production of the original injection sandals. These were nicknamed “jelly shoes” due to their soft jellylike finish and soon became a fashion and seaside favourite.

Juju Shoes are all about style, versatility and colour, creating classic designs and relaunching them with a contemporary twist. The jelly shoes are still made in the traditional manufactured way, in the same factory and to the same high standards as the very first day they appeared. The special jelly mix, is completely unique to Juju, and is made into your favourite jelly shoes by adding a touch of glitter and colour to the jelly machine. The materials are sourced in England and are recyclable so all the waste jellies are ground-up and made into brand new products!

I love the new SS’13 eye-popping coloured UV JuJu Jellies which glow under UV light, available in the classic flat 90’s ‘Maxi’ style or the chunky heeled ‘Babe’ Style and priced around £20 a pair.

Buy JuJu online at ASOS, Topshop, Office and Urban Outfitters.