MW Nails, Spitalfields

The new MW Nails flagship nail salon in Spitalfields Market is one of a kind. The interior is spectacularly decorated with original 1970s AirFrance plane fittings, arranged to recreate the aircraft in true retro style. Following the original branch off Chancery Lane, this sparkling new venue promises to be even more popular.

Aside from making an almost symmetrical logo, MW could stand for a number of slogans. In fact it represents the motto ‘My Way’ indicating that nail treatments here are performed exactly to your specifications. I experienced this concept when I went along for the press day and was allowed to not only have five different colours on my toes, but to also try the fabulous nail art. I was thoroughly impressed with how accommodating they are, I know I can be a difficult customer to please!

The girls are lovely at MW, assisting me with my overflowing bag, and offering me mini macaroons and champagne. The small salon is immaculately designed and organised with thoughtful details everywhere: genuine overhead lockers, lights, trolleys and even a departure sign by the door. I was totally overexcited by the brilliant theme and amazed by how they have pulled it off! Upstairs a departures-esque board shows treatment choices with a rainbow array of OPi and Essie bottles of varnish options. I was taken downstairs to the first class reclining plane seats, complete with adjustable tables, sat back, dunked my feet in the warm soothing water and let myself fully relax.

My nail artist for the afternoon was the lovely Afia, a beauty queen and nail art pro. We chatted about the nail artists she rates and the techniques and tools I would need if I wanted to get involved in London’s nail scene. Speaking about her previous job at WAH, we bonded over our mutual love of nail decoration and she kindly agreed to do leopard print on my toes (secretly needing to get her ‘nail art fix’!) She was a skilled and talented nail artist, that was clear immediately, but it was lovely to see someone really take care of my nails so carefully and efficiently. MW offers a range of express and luxury manicures and pedicures for women and men and has a range of great value bridal and group treatments available too for special occasions. I experienced the MW signature pedicure, Tokyo Toes, where nails are perfectly shaped and buffed with cuticle work, massage, moisturisation, hot towels and a choice of polish. The exfoliating and massage were the best bits, vigorous and energising, stimulating kneading that calmed and released all the tension in my muscles. Then my toes were painted in the daintiest new pastel Essie colours before being adorned with leopard print nail art. They looked incredible!

MW nails is the newest and coolest salon in town. Climb aboard as soon as you can, this nail bar is first class.

Visit the website for more information here.