Bloomon Flower Delivery

It is no secret that my favourite weekend activity is visiting London’s most popular flower market on Columbia Road. I often dream of being a florist, surrounded by colourful plants and glorious scents. When Bloomon contacted me about a new flower delivery service I was instantly intrigued.

Bloomon Flowers

The company was started in Holland by three friends with a passion to deliver the freshest flowers from grower to the customer’s door. The Bloomon team pull together imaginative flower combinations to make unexpectedly beautiful bouquets. The concept was conceived in Amsterdam but has since spread to Berlin and London, supplying more and more of Europe with thoughtful floral arrangements.

Bloomon FlowersBloomon Flowers

The process is simple:

  1. Choose your size of bouquet, from small, medium and large.
  2. Choose how often… as a one off or every week.
  3. Organise delivery. Bloomon conveniently deliver day and night.

Bloomon Flowers

My elaborate bunch of flowers were delivered with a large glass vase and a sachet of plant food, and nicely trimmed and cleaned. They were quick and easy to arrange and thanks to the size (I received the large size) added life and colour to my sitting room instantly. Inspired by liquorice allsorts the arrangement had an inventive mix of flower varieties from soft-cupped coral peonies to unusual Celosia Argentea ‘Act Vida’ and Solidago. The rainbow of colours mimicked the retro sweet colour combinations.

Bloomon Flowers

The flowers lasted nearly three weeks, and when a couple of stems began to wilt I put the remaining flowers into a smaller vase. With such quirky bunches, Bloomon do all the thinking for you, so you just have to press send each week and your home will feel like summer even if the weather outside doesn’t agree!

Order your bunch of Bloomon flowers here.

Hot on the Highstreet Week 253

I always want to send flowers without the hassle of worrying if the recipient is at home to receive them. So I instantly loved the concept of Bloom and Wild, which cleverly packages up flowers so they can fit safely through the letterbox.

This young company have made the order process very easy, it takes a few minutes to order online. There is always the choice of three bouquets which cost between £20-24, including delivery.

I was the happy receiver of a bunch of Rosalind roses, and have also sent a bunch of roses to family and have found the service is efficient and reliable. Each bud was individually wrapped to ensure freshness and condition, and the bouquet lasted well over two weeks, brightening up my bedroom.

The website will allow you to either send a one-off bouquet or choose a monthly gift subscription, when a different seasonal bunch will be sent each month.

Make sure you order your bouquets two days in advance to ensure the bunch of bright buds arrive in time. The nicest surprise you could ever wish to receive through the letterbox…

Order a bunch of Bloom and Wild here:


Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon have a simple mission… to encourage more people to cook at home. They do this by delivering each week boxes of market-fresh ingredients and tasty recipes to your door. It is a concept which is becoming more popular in the UK, and this is not the first company of this kind that I have reviewed.

So let me take you through the process with Marley Spoon. To order your box of food and recipes you simply visit the website, the ordering takes only a minute or two. I found the website very easy to use and loved the vibrant design which whet my appetite just looking at the photos and ideas online!

Meals are all priced at £9 per person, with a range of meat, fish and vegetarian options – so there is something for everyone. The recipes are stylish and unusual, and I was surprised to find many had a great number of ingredients, despite the simple preparation. This ensures the creations are inspiring in taste but easy to create.

Boxes are delivered on Wednesdays and Fridays, impressively packaged to guarantee the ingredients are kept in the best condition before use. The meat and dairy products are wrapped in insulating wool so remain stone cold until they reach the fridge. Despite this clever packaging unfortunately one of my plastic containers (containing truffle oil) leaked, leaving a powerful scent on some of the other ingredients.

I chose to cook Yoghurt-marinated lamb chops with roast aubergine and charred broccolini plus Ricotta balls with pesto and truffle oil. I liked that both recipes include flavours I love but use methods I haven’t been brave enough to try myself before. The attractive recipe guides offer a clear explanation of how to prepare and cook the food. Four of us took just 45 minutes to create the whole meal and found the experience fun and educational.

The pasta dish was a delicious Mediterranean inspired concoction. I found the pesto very easy to make and successful in taste. The ricotta and lentil balls seemed like a wonderfully inventive idea, but frustratingly they collapsed rather in the pan. The marinated lamb chops provided an insight into the aromas and flavours of Morocco, sweet and spicy, a great recipe from renowned chef Ben Tish. Though be warned, chops don’t have much meat, so you may need to make a side dish to accompany them.

If you are having a special dinner party but need some inspiration I highly recommend Marley Spoon. The recipes are thoughtful and innovative and the ordering process is stress-free and quick. At £9 a portion though, it is quite an expensive DIY option.

Check out the Marley Spoon recipes here, and start cooking today!