THOROUGHLY MODERN MRS: Revival Clinic, Chiswick

What’s the best present a person can get? The gift of eternal youthfulness, I’m saying. And for my birthday recently I received just that. OK, not the eternal bit, but something that seemed like a miracle just the same: something that made me look and feel brilliant, like I was years younger and full of potential with everything to look forward to. My perfect gift was in the form of a deluxe facial by the brilliant Finnish beauty therapist Tanya Christianssen at the aptly named Revival Clinic in Chiswick.

nordic beauty chiswick

I arrived looking twice my age, rackety and run-down like a clapped out old car and left looking human and radiant with a spring in my step. Bumping into a friend outside Sainsbury’s she was suspicious. How come I looked younger than when we last met?

“Facial with Tanya”, I said, nodding to the clinic across the road. My friend didn’t believe the absence of surgical intervention or a needle, so I talked her through the order of events:

Arriving at the Revival Clinic at 2a Acton Lane at the appointed time I was whisked downstairs without waiting by Tanya. Once in her calming softly lit treatment room she explained that my treatment was going to combine two of the world’s most effective approaches to skin care a CACI facial with Environ products.  This I discovered is highly unusual. CACI therapists stick to CACI products, but Environ created by a South African plastic surgeon and skin cancer specialist Des Fernandes twenty years ago, features serums that rejuvenate and condition the deeper layers of the skin.

CACI uses a tiny electrical current to lift and tone the muscles so tightening the facial contours (in a good way!). This has the added benefit of pushing the products deeper into the epidermis and so enhancing their effectiveness.

Revival Clinic, Chiswick

The facials are specially tailored for each individual and mine began with a deep cleanse using steam, AVST (advanced vitamin skin therapy) pre-cleansing oil, followed by a clay mask which gently exfoliates the skin without scratching it. This was softly removed with AVST cleansing milk.  Then came the Environ Active Vitamin A, E and C serum to rejuvenate and deeply hydrate the skin, used with the CACI Ultra ‘super lift’. I thought this might be painful and not at all relaxing, but as Tanya expertly moved the wand like probes over my face, I could quite easily have fallen asleep.  I was then treated to an Environ collagen serum that was massaged into my face using an Ionzyme machine. This uses ultrasound technology to again push the product deep into the skin, where it would help to fill fine lines, tighten the skin and even out my skin tone.

‘That must be it’, I thought drowsily, but then Tanya applied an award winning Swiss Apple stem cell Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Mask to plump and further moisturise my skin and give it a lovely glow and whilst this took twenty minutes to do just that, she gave me a wonderfully stress-releasing head and shoulder massage. I could have had a foot reflexology massage at this point that I’d have loved, but given the state my feet were in, was far too embarrassed to take my socks off.

Well, that really must be it, I thought, finally drifting off, but no. There then followed a CACI LED red light therapy to stimulate my own collagen production and promote healing and cell renewal. This is the gift that keeps on giving. A couple of weeks later at a parents evening a fellow mum whom I hadn’t seen since the last school event before Christmas said: “You look really well! How is it we’re all looking older and you’re looking younger?” “2 hour facial with Tanya.” I said. She was sceptical. So I explained. Though there wasn’t time to mention that aside from the wonderful deluxe therapy and a range of facials, Tanya also provides anti-cellulite treatments (with a CeulluM6 machine) and Lipofirm wraps, deep tissue massage and reflexology.

2 hours with Tanya and years fall away. As Arnie so succinctly put it in his own journey through the time-space continuum, “I’ll be back.”

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Written by Thoroughly Modern Mrs, Elizabeth Kinder.

No 197 Chiswick Fire Station, Restaurant and Bar

Chiswick is awash with chains and cafes that provide little inspiration when it comes to delicious food and stylish surroundings. I love La Trompette for smarter occasions and Chief for coffee and breakfast, but there was definitely a distinct lack of reliable bistros and bars until No 197 Chiswick Fire Station came along.

No 197 Chiswick Fire Station

I first noticed this new opening  on Instagram, where my feed was filled with pictures of the most beautiful looking restaurant, complete with pale pink sofas and giant cacti. I instantly wanted to visit.

No 197 Chiswick Fire Station

I visited for lunch on a radiantly sunny day, which made this establishment look even prettier, casting atmospheric shadows across the white-washed walls. My sister and I decided to make the most of the weather and sit outside in the lovely back terrace.

No 197 Chiswick Fire Station

No 197 are currently offering a Peroni Spritz cocktail, a special collaboration with the beer brand. The vibrant orange drink was refreshing with a touch of alluring bitterness, perfect in the heat. My little sister opted for the more child-friendly housemade elderflower and cucumber lemonade.

No 197 Chiswick Fire Station

The menu is long, a little too long perhaps, filled with British delights and a few international inspired dishes. After spotting the rotisserie chicken whirling round in the oven, I couldn’t wait to try it for lunch, along with truffle macaroni cheese, garlic french beans and housemade fries. We definitely weren’t planning on fitting into bikinis any time soon! The chicken was tender with a caramelised skin, macaroni cheese was as decadent as it should be with just a subtle hint of truffle, and the green beans were buttery and garlicky, though in my opinion a little undercooked.

No 197 Chiswick Fire Station

After the rich main courses I needed a light dessert, and Roast Pineapple ticked every box. Served with agave syrup and passionfruit sorbet, it is suitable for anyone with any food allergy, and the taste didn’t suffer for it. An extra sweet but tangy pudding with the tart, exotic accompanying sorbet. We also sampled the Maple Banana Toffee Crumble, a take on Banoffee Pie which exceeded expectations. Soft and gooey with a crunchy topping and served with banana ice cream, it was finished off in minutes.

No 197 Chiswick Fire Station is a great place to eat, drink and hang out. The space is extremely pleasant to spend time in and the staff will ensure you have everything you need.

Book a table at No 197 Chiswick Fire Station here.

Hot on the Highstreet Week 200

Chiswick High Road has an assortment of dowdy clothes shops between the friendly cafes and restaurants that populate this West London thoroughfare. When I first spotted the Me + Em shop, I was instantly drawn to the name, it is a phrase I say often as my best friend’s name is Em! The Chiswick branch is just a pop-up boutique, it is the dainty shop on Connaught Street that you really need to visit for a full array of the chic and comfortable, candy-coloured clothes.

Me + Em offers ‘understated luxury for women with understated style’ hoping to provide all the essentials we need for an effortlessly stylish wardrobe. The brand was launched in 2009 by founder and creative director Clare Hornby and has gone from strength to strength since. Classic tailoring and luxurious fabrics are of the utmost importance throughout the collections. I love the wearability of the garments and the fact that the pieces look lovely alone or grouped into a full outfit. They are reminiscent of Parisian shapes and styles but with a pinch of modernism and fun.

Recently Poppy Delevingne has shown a particular interest in the brand, gallivanting around in Me + Em baggy cropped jumpers and the cashmere comforts. I’ve selected three of the tops to highlight the practical and pretty versatility of the current collection. The nautical Contrast Sleeve Jumper is great for casual or smart occasions. With a structured boyfriend cropped cut, white body with dark navy sleeves, it is striking but elegant, and being 100% cotton, it is easy to wash and comfortable. My eye instantly was drawn to the bubblegum pink Box Cardigan hanging on the shop rail. An addictive bright hue, this cardigan has been amazingly popular with both customers and staff. Made from fine merino wool it is delicate and thin but warm and versatile. Particularly pretty paired with a white silk shirt, it will be a cheerful addition to any ensemble. The pale blue is beautiful too, and ideal for a fresh Spring look. The Box Hoody is the most luxurious of the tops on offer. Made from gloriously soft 100% cashmere with a snuggly hood, it is the ideal relaxed but indulgent weekend garment. Available in a variety of colours customers can choose muted shades: pale grey or sandy beige, or for a more grown up look, black is on offer too.

Me + Em make my kind of clothes… adaptable and stylish, I wanted almost every piece in the store.

Buy Me + Em clothes online here.