Makanyi Private Game Lodge, Timbavati


Of course, the animals are the most important part of any safari experience, and as Makanyi privately own their land the guests here are able to take off-road routes to have a much closer look at the animals.

We went out with Field Guide Alfred and tracker Sam in an open top car. Together they spotted every movement and animal, big and small, and told us fascinating stories about the species and our surroundings. Alfred is so passionate about animal conservation that he took time out of his field guide career to record an album of anti-poaching songs!

On our tours, we were only joined by one other couple so it felt quite exclusive and personal. Within 30 minutes of our first evening drive, we saw a pair of white (wide) rhinos, a hyena, and then a pride of lions (with cubs) trying to hunt a herd of buffalo. The next day we spotted a family of elephants too, and it was hypnotising to watch the mother walk round the car, just a metre away from us.

More information and book a stay at Makanyi Private Game Lodge here.

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