CUB, Shoreditch

CUB is not a bar, and it’s not a restaurant… it’s a new concept from cocktail mastermind Ryan Chetiyawardana in collaboration with Silo chef Doug McMaster. With this venue (located in the remodelled White Lyan bar) Ryan hopes to bridge the gap between drinks and food, offering a set menu where cocktails and dishes are intrinsically entwined.


CUB is kitted out in bright mustard leather banquettes with white sparkly tables made from recycled yoghurt pots. As soon as you sit down the passionate staff will inspire you with stories about the current dishes and drinks. Our waitress Jane Cryan was brilliant, answering every one of my questions with a full and fascinating response.


Our CUB culinary journey started with Krug Champagne spiked with water jelly and herbs, and some crispbread snacks. Both were subtle and delicately flavoured and beautifully paired together.


My favourite dish was the Green Tomato with Fig Leaf and White Peach. This unusual looking plate was a intriguing and refreshing mix of sour tomatoes and sweet ripe peach, the fig leaf oil added an aromatic twist.


When I visited, the whole menu was vegetarian, seemingly by accident. CUB only uses completely sustainable ingredients, many of which are grown nearby to the venue.

The Chervil Root with Red Flash Apple and Turbo Whey was an intensely sweet dish with a yeasty savoury depth. Though unexpected, we found the dish warming and comforting. The Shrooms on Shrooms was an earthier recipe, a mix of different mushrooms cooked in a variety way to create a range of flavours and textures. It was filling and delicious.


The drinks blended perfectly amongst the plates of food. I loved the gin based drink with fermented carrot, bitter orange and miso, an elegant drink with a touch of saltiness. The final drink was also delicious, made with Square Mile Coffee, Cognac, H.M.S and Peach. This short and strong drink was a lovely smooth and rich end to the meal.

CUB do welcome guests for just drinks, but I encourage you to visit for the whole experience… the menu changes regularly featuring spectacularly unique recipes, both to drink and to eat, and trying them together makes the flavour even more vibrant. The set menu costs £45 per person and is more than worth it.

More information and book a table at CUB here.

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