Miele Dialog Oven Launch, Berlin

I was excited to be invited to the Miele ‘Revolutionary Excellence’ event, but had no idea what to expect. We were told we would be flying to Berlin for the day to experience a new culinary innovation, but all the other details were a mystery. As we all bundled on the plane at 7am, everyone was busy making friends and considering what the big Miele news could be…


30 minutes after stepping off the flight we found ourselves at a wonderful old building on the outskirts of Berlin. Once a dairy processing factory (and now a cinema), it felt like a fitting venue for a Miele event (a brand who’s first products were a cream separator and a butter churn in 1899). Champagne was offered and indulgent snacks were enjoyed, Mr Miele (the great grandson of the original owner) welcomed us all.

Before long we were following Mr Miele through a tunnel of lights to a spectacular dining room, set up with six tables and six chefs stations, each equipped with a new Miele Dialog Oven! Our chef for the day was Sophia Neuendorf, other chefs included Kevin Von Holt, Franz Schned, Tobias Wulfmeyer, Andrea Schirmaier-Huber and Hanna Massow.

Miele Dialog OvenMiele Dialog OvenMiele Dialog Oven

In simple terms, the Dialog Oven is a cross between a conventional oven and a microwave (a combination of waves and heat). Unlike any other technology created before, this new oven creates a dialogue between the food (molecules) and the oven ensuring every ingredient is cooked to perfection. The oven reacts to changes in the food which naturally occur during the cooking process. Depending on your preference the oven can be set to certain options, which is particularly helpful for meat dishes. The Miele team also illustrated how this oven can be used to quickly defrost tricky food products like a cream cake and how it can be used to cook delicate ingredients like a fillet of fish in a block of ice – the ice stays in tact but the food is cooked perfectly.

After a few brilliantly interactive demonstrations it was time to eat. We were served a variety of unique courses, each cooked in the new oven. Cod cooked in ice, coconut lime gel, fried Thai basil & Japanese mayo, cooked & uncooked salmon with a vibrant marinade & avocado and veal cooked in a beeswax casing. Each dish was elegant and exquisite, carefully showcasing the best produce with the most immaculate cooking.

Miele Dialog OvenMiele Dialog Oven

The afternoon concluded with perfectly risen (of course) raspberry souffles, an energetic dance and light performance and cocktails & coffee round an ice sculpture!

I may have already forgotten the exact technology behind the new Miele Dialog Oven, but I’ll definitely remember the staggering results of this special new cooker for a long time to come.

More information on Miele products here.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Miele.

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