Sparrow Restaurant, Lewisham

I’ve found my new favourite local… Sparrow Restaurant is located in Lewisham, miles away from where most Londoners live but conveniently close to my Peckham home. This new little eatery is modern and design-conscious with industrial chic light fittings and a stylish teal tiled bar.

Sparrow Restaurant

Sparrow is owned and run by a husband and wife team who met whilst working at St John. Between them they have done stints at some of London’s most prestigious eateries including Bao, Pollen Street Social and The Square. The variety of culinary influences is evident in the eclectic menu that features a range of dishes from risotto to curry.

Sparrow Restaurant

After a refreshing seasonal cocktail we chose a ‘few’ dishes from the concise menu. The couple’s recipes are unique and intriguing, pairing unlikely ingredients to create wondrous plates of food. Broccoli and coconut salad was vibrant and fresh, beef and butter beans was seasoned and cooked to perfection. The wonderfully green risotto with goat’s cheese was a great vegetarian option.

But, without a doubt the best dish was the Massaman curry which was rich and fragrant, creamy and comforting… the thought that they might replace it on the menu with something more seasonal and summery worries me. It comes with scorched rice… which just tasted slightly crunchier with a little caramelisation.

For dessert there are three choices… don’t miss the condensed milk ice-cream affogato, blissfully simple but delicious.

I’m already planning a return visit to try their brunch menu which includes coconut pancakes with peanut caramel and traditional Sri Lankan hoppers.

More information and book a table at Sparrow Restaurant here.

2 thoughts on “Sparrow Restaurant, Lewisham

  1. ‘Miles away from where most Londoners live’? What rubbish. We are Londoners living here.!,
    looking forward to going,
    lewisham resident

    • It was a personal observation. I live nearby to Lewisham too, but everyone else I know lives miles away, hence the comment!

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