Marchal Restaurant, Copenhagen

Copenhagen has an array of amazing restaurants, from cute cosy cafes to smart fine dining establishments. Marchal manages to offer Michelin starred food in a welcoming and comfortable dining room, so guests can enjoy the best quality food without the fuss.

Despite its home within Copenhagen’s most luxurious hotel (D’Angleterre) this eatery aims to be inclusive, with a reasonably priced lunch menu for hotel residents and outside visitors to enjoy.


After a glass of delicious champagne we were excited to see a basket of warm bread arrive at our table. Our early morning flight from London had left us ravenous and we were ready for a feast. The golden nuggets of sourdough bread were divine, made with beer and honey and topped with plenty of crunchy toasted seeds.


The menu is a sensible length with several options for vegetarians as well as delicious meat and fish dishes. To start we chose the Winter salad with poussin and the Truffle Bouillion with agnolotti. The salad was light and healthy with a subtle vinegary dressing and pieces of poussin breast meat strewn through the leaves. I can’t think of a better dish for Danish winter than truffle bouillion… it was like a big warm hug, woody flavoured warm broth filled with perfect little parcels of pasta filled with an artichoke puree.


For main course we sampled the Sole with apple and fennel, and the Iberico pork with palm cabbage. It was nice to see that both dishes truly showcased the fine fish and meat produce, providing just a few other complementing flavours on the plate. The sole was delicate, cooked to perfection and topped with samphire and the stronger flavoured fish roe… the buttery sauce added a touch of richness and indulgence. My Iberico pork was concealed with a giant palm cabbage leaf and seasoned with walnuts and black cardamom. It was a majestic and delicious dish, coated in a wonderful sauce.


Desserts felt slightly like an afterthought, with less care and attention going into the dishes. The Gold bar with hazelnuts and chocolate was a strange texture, but was served with a tasty calvados ice-cream. The millefeuille was too heavy and hard in my opinion. The caramel flavours were nice but the presentation seemed lazy and unexciting compared to the beautiful previous courses.

We loved our lunch at Marchal; where the food, wine and service really is exceptional.

More information and book a table at Marchal here.

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