Firedog, Fitzrovia

Firedog is the newest food destination in Fitzrovia. This trendy Aegean-inspired bar and restaurant serves modern Turkish and Greek street food meze, cooked in a grill fuelled by olive wood chips.


Located just off Oxford Street, Firedog is convenient for those needing sustenance before a day of shopping or sightseeing. Inside, the restaurant has been decorated with punk motifs and neon lighting… it is not ideal for the breakfast instagrammer, but has an interesting atmosphere.


The brunch classics that Londoners have come to expect across the city are not to be found anywhere on the menu at Firedog, which I found wonderfully refreshing. Instead of the usual flat white and orange juice, we opted for the speciality siphon coffee and a mandarin juice. Both drinks were delicious and different. The coffee (served without milk) was subtle and delicate with floral notes and a smooth flavour. It was very easy to drink, but apparently has three times the amount of caffeine than your average cappuccino. The mandarin juice was a sweet and exotic alternative to orange, that I would love to see stocked more in supermarkets.


For breakfast / brunch / lunch there is an a la carte menu to peruse, but I urge you to opt for the ‘Firedog Breakfast Meze’ which is served until 4pm, for a minimum of two people (£18 pp). The Firedog signature spread is a mix of traditional mezes and specials inspired by Su’dan Alacati, and includes both hot and cold dishes, sweet and savoury.

It wasn’t long before miniature plates and bowls began arriving at our table. My favourites were the aromatic Sujuk Turkish sausages served with smoky charred spring onions, the grilled halloumi, and the house chilli eggs (a middle eastern take on scrambled eggs). From the sweet selection I loved the Lemon curd with clotted cream and organic honeycomb, and the candied pumpkins with hung yoghurt. It was lovely to sample such an eclectic range of dishes and to feel so immersed in another food culture.

If this is how Firedog ‘do brunch’ I’d love to see what they serve up for dinner.

More information and book a table here.

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