Hot on the Highstreet Week 246

Ever wondered where those colourful cups are from that are found in London’s best coffee shops? I have always admired the sky blue cups and saucers, and have at last discovered the brand that makes these simple classic crockery.

Acme & Co manufactures robust and beautiful cups for the specialty coffee market. Acme & Co is based in NZ and owned and run by a team of individuals with a long history in specialty coffee. The Acme & Co cup range features an extensive colour range; elegant and easy to hold handles; cups sold separately from saucers; plus cappuccino, tulip and flat white cups all use the same size saucer.

Now you can recreate you favourite coffee shop at home, and practise your pouring so you can have the perfect flat white from the comfort of your own kitchen!

Caravan Coffee Roasters is the only UK distributor of Acme & Co, more information here.

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