Freixenet #LittleThings Event, Hoxton

Previous to this event, my knowledge of Freixenet was limited to occasionally spotting a bottle in my parents’ fridge. They are keen Cava drinkers so this suggested to me that the brand was worth looking out for. When the invite to Freixenet’s ‘Little Things’ event popped up in my inbox, I was intrigued and cancelled my pre-existing plans so I could accept.

A select group of bloggers met on the roof of the Queen of Hoxton in East London. The evening began with bespoke sparkling cocktails by renowned Catalan barman Javier de las Muelas alongside Spanish-themed canapés and delicious freshly carved Iberico ham.  The drinks were beautifully mixed and presented: Perfect Bellini, Garden Party and Black Luxury all using the Freixenet Cordon Negro.

We were blessed with bright sunshine and as we tasted a variety of the Freixenet range. The sun set magnificently before us harmonising with the pretty-in-pink Rose made with 100% Pinot Noir – the team had thought of everything. Next came fragrant dishes of paella followed by sugary churros with chocolate and strawberries, all prepared on the roof.

Stuffed full of food and drink, we reclined in the deckchairs for the grand viewing of the new promotional video, #LittleThings. This charming, comical series of four short films depicts surprise moments in life that are worth dancing about. It made the whole audience smile. Watch here.

Continuing in this vein, we then watched the classic 1980s feel-good movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, whilst enjoying Pops Classic Champagne ice lollies.

Zooming through London in the taxi home I looked through the goodie bag to discover a miniature bottle of Freixenet fizz. Every little thing was perfect about the evening: fun, food, films and fizz.

Learn more about Freixenet here.

Watch the #LittleThings video here.

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