Bounce, Chancery Lane

Ping Pong is no longer just a game for bored students. London’s bar scene seems infected with this fun sport, and there are now venues all over the city offering tables for guests to use whilst catching up and enjoying a drink.

At the forefront of the trend, Bounce is the latest venture from the founders of All Star Lanes. It declares itself as ‘the home of Ping Pong’ and apparently the first ball was created here in 1901! With memorabilia crowding the entrance, it is an interesting education into the history of the game. The underground bar doesn’t look very exciting from street level, but take a peer inside and you’ll see half of London’s lawyers letting their hair down for a pint and a ping.

We played on the azure blue 2012 Olympic table, though our skills were embarrassingly poor in comparison to the masters. An hour is plenty to flex your muscles (you will use more energy than you would imagine!). A funky playlist sets the tone, and I couldn’t resist dancing along to the Beach Boys whilst batting the balls all over the place! Luckily girls are multitasking experts, my Ping Pong partner wasn’t as impressive.

For a break in between rounds the fruity cocktails will refresh you and the Mediterranean sharing boards are great if you are feeling peckish – the pizzas smelt delicious too.

Bounce is the perfect venue for a number of occasions: an innovative date, getting together with a team of mates or even to rent out for a special party.

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