Boutique Burgers at Bar Boulud, Knightsbridge

I had one of the best meals of my life at Dinner by Heston, the resident fine restaurant at the London Mandarin Oriental. So when the time came to visit Bar Boulud, the more relaxed bistro in the grand hotel, I was very excited.

The restaurant was created by chef Daniel Boulud who has also opened two restaurants in New York: Bar Boulud’s sister restaurant and the prestigious three Michelin star eatery, Daniel. London’s Boulud is an attractive place to spend time with plush burgundy leather seating and oak tabletops. Taking inspiration from casual French eateries, the food and service has a Parisian twist and there is a feeling of intimacy and comfort while eating… Bar Boulud is for people who love food.

The burgers sit amongst an array of tempting dishes in the menu… not that I really bothered looking at those options, I was here to try one thing only, although a dilemma arose when we realised there was not one but four burgers listed. Glistening flutes of chilled champagne arrived to aid our decision making – a few sips of the delicious French bubbles and we suddenly had the confidence and bravery to try not two but three burgers between us, stalling only to debate if we should opt for all four.

Burgers at Boulud cost around £12.50 each and chips need to be ordered separately… so you can imagine that an evening out here can become a costly affair. Here are the options:

NY Grilled Beef Burgers

Yankee: With iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickle, sweet onion, sesame bun and optional cheddar cheese supplement

Frenchie: With Confit pork belly, rocket, dijon tomato compote, Morbier cheese, peppered bun

Piggie: With BBQ pulled pork, green chilli mayonnaise, Bibb lettuce, red cabbage slaw, cheddar cheese bun

BB: Beef Patty, foie gras, red wine braised short ribs, truffle, frisee, horseradish mayonnaise, confit tomato, black onion seed bun

The burgers are considered to be a conservative size and our cheeky waiter encouraged us to order them all. We resisted the very rich sounding BB  but tried the Yankee, Frenchie and Piggie. I was impressed with the attention to detail: each burger has a real personality and style with a clever assortment of toppings to complement the tender flavoursome meat, it all seems very well thought through. The burgers weren’t small, but perhaps smaller than average, which is what you would expect from a posh burger outlet. The Yankee is most similar to a classic burger, simple and delicious. My favourite was the Frenchie topped with amazing Morbier cheese and carmelised pork which tasted like bacon, a kick comes from the vinegary Dijon and peppery rocket, the unique bun adds a special touch. Piggie is a boy’s burger with sweet pork and a cheesy bun, it is juicy and indulgent. We loved them all.

Pomme frites, an extra £4.25, are the tops, super crispy and salty and just utterly moreish. The type of chips you want to stuff in your mouth handfuls at a time.

Bar Boulud serve up the best boutique burger, so if you like your baps posh and pretty this is the place to visit.

Visit the website here for more information.

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