Gold Bar and Caina restaurant, Nobis Hotel, Stockholm

The Nobis Hotel is one of the grandest and most prestigious places to stay in Stockholm; aside from its luxurious rooms, this Swedish landmark is known for its elaborate cocktails and top class food.

While visiting the Scandinavian city, we took a trip to the Nobis to discover the appetising world of food and drink in the opulent Gold Bar and gorgeous Italian restaurant, Caina. Feeling immediately underdressed in our casual attire, we entered the world of Stockholm’s elite: tall, blonde and beautiful. We perched at the glorious golden bar and spoke to a polite waiter who offered us the venue’s favourite concoctions.

The cocktails we tried here were among the very best I’ve ever tasted: well balanced, imaginative, presented beautifully and seriously scrumptious. You can’t help but feel glamorous and superior whilst drinking in this amazing bar. I’d strongly recommend the following cocktails:

Queens Park Swizzle : this is an epic variation of the standard rum swizzle, originating from Trinidad in the early part of the 20th century, it is similar to a Mojito. Light and sweet with a wonderfully refreshing taste, it is served in a tumbler with a silver Indian tea straw, a lovely cold sensation on the lips but also useful for keeping out unwanted pieces of torn mint leaf. A few drops of Angostura Bitters add a touch of oriental excitement.

Southern Winds: this is a refined blend of afternoon tea culture and modern mixology. Served in a humorous teacup martini glass, the gin and citrusy flavours are perfectly balanced to create a smooth and delicious cocktail.

The Mexican Wrestler: is a more manly cocktail, a short drink with a mix of Tequila, French orange liqueur and chocolate bitters. Seriously chilled thanks to the giant ice ball cube this drink changes continually as the ice melts, the strength lessens and different flavours emerge.

Downstairs the lighting is dimmed and numerous waiters deliver tasty traditional recipes to hungry diners. All the food is prepared to a level of excellence though some dishes stand out more than others.

We were given no choice, instead plates were delivered with matching wine to complement. Ravioli stuffed with minced beef and duck liver and served with butter and sage sauce was my favourite, a comforting and richly flavoured pasta dish. The recipes were impressively innovative: blood pigeon with roasted hazelnuts and cherry gravy and chocolate pudding with extra virgin olive oil ice cream. Some experiments worked, others were less appetising, but it was a lovely meal nonetheless.

The Nobis Hotel is a palace of food, drink and luxury… and the Gold Bar is unmissable.

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