Bodean’s, Soho

Bodean’s is known for one thing only, it’s unrivalled BBQ cuisine.

When we visited, the rain was incessant outside and we snuggled up at a downstairs table. The dark and musty interior would be far more common in an American establishment, I soon forgot I was in Soho. It all started in 2002 when Andre Blais brought the taste, style and soul of his beloved Kansas City barbecue to London.

The menu is filled with meaty classics; pulled pork and sticky ribs feature heavily. I immediately noticed the distinct lack of greenery… only a small side salad is available for vegetable lovers. We immersed ourselves in the rich glory of meat heaven. A huge platter arrived, apparently one of the Bodean’s favourites, piled with ribs, burnt ends, chicken wings and other carnivore’s delights. The flavours were wonderful, but the food is incredibly heavy and rich – try to resist letting your eyes dictate how much you eat. I definitely made that mistake. We especially liked the baby back ribs, the meat was very tender and succulent, the seasoning makes this dish utterly irresistible. The burger was a little disappointing, rather bland and dry and the chips were oversalted… definitely best to stick to the platters. Puddings are available, Key Lime Pie looked like the best of the bunch.

Persuading each other to indulge more was a bad idea… we left feeling rather too full. If you have a good appetite and like your food BBQ-ed then Bodean’s is an excellent shout, but just like Yorkie bars, girls beware, this is a restaurant for the boys.

Visit the website here for more information.

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