The Minotaur, Old Vic Tunnels, London Restaurant Festival

My inbox was flooded with invites as London Restaurant Festival kicked off in the capital last week. I took a foodie friend along to experience the Minotaur, a creative project that combines art, theatre and food, all taking place in the spookily atmospheric Old Vic Tunnels.
I was already a massive fan of this unconventional location, and this project certainly utilises it well, with sound and art installations beautifying the place and creating a wild and wacky underground world. Lazarides Gallery are collaborating with Kofler & Kompanie, pioneers of PRET A DINER, a celebrated pop up restaurant in Europe. During their two-week residence in the Old Vic Tunnels, they hope to redefine the dining experience in the form of a Michelin Star pop-up restaurant, while exhibiting some groundbreaking sculpture and artwork.

On entering we were unsure about what to expect, but obviously it was a sought-after invite as a queue was snaking round the building. Inside the artwork draws one’s attention through its luminosity, strange pieces glow in every corner. I was most intrigued about the food but hugely disappointed to find there was none on offer, not even a few measley canapés! We did get a nice glass of wine and wandered round enjoying the buzz. I also spotted a few familiar faces within the crowd, Lily Cole and Eliza Doolittle were there.

The event coincides with Frieze Art Fair and London Restaurant Festival to offer an alternative cultural experience to excite inquisitive guests.

The Minotaur continues until 25 October, 2011, visit the website for more information here.

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