B-Tempted Gluten-free cakes

B-Tempted is an inventive company that freshly make and sell gluten-free cakes. Sarah, who set up the business, used to work for an investment bank in the city but decided to leave to start something she truly believes in.

Although Sarah herself is not a Coeliac, gluten doesn’t agree with her and so felt it to be an area of food she therefore wanted to improve. I have a friend who is Coeliac and I feel so guilty going out for meals with her and tucking into a meal when she is so limited in what she can eat. As more and more people discover they have an intolerance to gluten and wheat it is important that there is food on the market that makes people feel good as well as tasting good.

Sarah’s passion shows in B-Tempted food. I tried some dinky little lemon and cashew bites and also some dark chocolate and hazelnut ones. They were delicious, just as good as gluten based cakes, the difference is frankly unnoticeable. The food is bursting with flavour, and so light that I found it quite easy to eat several cakes without feeling ill afterwards… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not?!

B-Tempted boasts an impressive chef too, Eric Rock joined the company in November 2009 after completing a pastry stage at The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire. He is responsible for production and new product development.

Look out for these yummy little cakes in stores all over London, and check out the website here.

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